Today almost every business owner needs to support e-commerce or online solutions. It's about being relevant. For many entrepreneurs and merchants, it can be a challenge to know what payment solution or provider they should go for. Are they future safe? Are they independent or do we put ourselves in a corner? Many questions should be covered.

This is where Westpay makes it easy for you. Westpay handles card payments on all channels.  By having one solution, one experience, you make it easier for your self and the customer.

Omni-channel as it supposes to work.

The benefits

As you can imagine, there are many reasons why you should choose one payment provider for all channels. The convenience of administration, support, control, and cost-efficiency are just a few examples. But the main reason spells customer experience. As s customer of today, you expect one experience no matter what channel you choose.

Westpay enable your payment solution so you can focus on your core business knowing that everything is taken care of. Ongoing you get data and intel from your transactions in a package that can be digested in your overall strategy work as you take your business to the next level. We call in one view. Your view. 


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