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We ❤️ Developers

Our goal is to empower organizations of any shape or size with the tools required to grow together with Westpay.

Here we have gathered all the information required to integrate any of our solutions. The goal is that you can do this on your own but remember that we are only one ticket away if you need our assistance


Our solutions:

  • Local integration protocols: ECL, EPAS and NEXO
  • Payment Application as Service: Run your Android app on our hardware.
  • Integration towards larger POS providers like: Oracle, FDT
  • REST API for onboarding and terminal management

Get started today

Use any of below links to read more about each solution. Still uncertain? Contact our sales department and they will guide you.

Local protocols

EPAS Client Library (ECL)
A wrapper that will greatly simplify the task of integrating our payment terminals.
W/EPAS protocol
Westpays implementation of the EPAS protocol. The XML based protocol require that you have knowledge on how to create a TCP/IP socket and how to implement a keep-alive timer.
Pay@Table protocol
Pay@Table is a module that runs on Westpay terminals that allows you accept payments at the table. This repo describes how this can be used and implemented

Payment Application as Service (PAaS)

A unique feature for the Westpay card terminals is that we allow you to prototype, deploy and run your own Android application, directly on the payment terminal.



Our API that allows you to send merchant onboarding requests without using the Westpay Access front end.