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Westpay equals flexibility and cost efficiency

A part of my job is to follow trends and demands—both from merchants and partners. Historically, this used to be a slow floating process where the big brands set the rules. Today, the end customer is king, and it is all about being alert and not miss the opportunity to offer the right solution at the right time.

We mentioned before how the pandemic caused many challenges to society in general. Not to mention all individuals that have been affected on a personal level. Let's hope that what we see now is the end of the tunnel and that we can start living our lives in a more normal way. The pandemic has been like a vast inhale where protecting liquidity and current business has been a priority from a corporate perspective. At Westpay, we took action early on, and that has helped us big time. Not only did we make the right priorities, but we also saw an opportunity to level up our overall efficiency. Now, with a society that slowly opens up, we are well prepared and stand more robust than ever.

Easy as never before

One of several features that we have leveled up is the simplicity of choosing Westpay as provider. The onboarding experience has always been a priority, but now, we have managed to tune it even more. If you know anything about payments, you know that it is an area that is packed with certifications, regulations, and compliance. Short story: as a merchant, you need to add a lot of extra time to make it work. And even if they invest in learning all the bells and whistles, frustration is never far away.  This is where we make a difference. We think that once you choose a payment provider, you should be taken care of in a way that allow you focus on your core business, knowing that the supplier secures that everything works as promised before, during, and after onboarding. Being close to our end-customers, having ongoing dialogs helps us perform at our best.

Time to execute

Parallel to our ongoing business, we have spent many hours preparing for what's to come. We have a solid, strong, and flexible offering that enables any merchant. The way we manage to deploy Axfood gives us confidence that size doesn't matter. No matter the size, we can promise a successful delivery. Now, we will expand our brand awareness and reach even more, knowing that we have great ambassadors within our installed base that support us in our journey. I feel strongly about our updated playbook and the way we will continue helping our end-customers and partners.

Our independence saves money for our end-customers

When you look at the fintech landscape, you will see many of our competitors are trying to bundle the entire solution into one basket. At first, this might seem like a convenient way for the customer to consume their solution: one supplier, one invoice. Nothing could be more wrong. You see, with this setup, you are trapped. Many steps within payments are subject to competition. You want to be in a position where you can, ongoing, have independent negotiations, and enable more features for less money. This is not easy when you select a supplier that bundles their offerings. This is why we continue to be an independent supplier that lets end-customers make their cherry-picking when it comes to acquiring and point-of-sales providers. That way, they become future-proof, safely know that they can, ongoing, select what's best for them.

Westpay has a pragmatic and future-proof position in the market.

What's next?

I like to end this article where I took off. Fingers crossed, for all the reasons, that society goes back to something we can call normal. I am looking forward to execute on an already healthy pipe, helping end-customers with what we do best. Payments.

Published augusti 24, 2021

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