Payment Solution Advisory Assessment

Finding the right payment solution is harder than ever. It is easy to get overvelmed. The only thing we know is that customer experience and diversity rules. On top of that, we can be sure that innovation hits us with the speed of light.

No worries, we are here to guide you. Our offering is about you and what you need. Our advisory team will, step by step, make an assessment that gives the answers you need. The information is independent, and you can thanks to this information, select Westpay, or any of our competitors.

What's important is that you find yourself in a proactive, confident spot, knowing what payment solution that is best for you.

An agile process leads the way.

Ones our experts are in place your journey to find the right solution for your business begin. Our assessment is a three step project that includes:

  • Workshop
  • In depth interviews
  • Questionary


The result will be a high-level summary, including:

  • Current solution and environment.
  • Requirement definition and analysis.
  • Desired solution and environment.
  • Evolution plan incl. customer-specific requirements and actions to reach the goals(s).
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