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Spring 2020 Product launch take the payment user experience to new level.

Westpay AB, leading fintech provider of transaction and payment solutions, announced today the launch of a range of new fintech applications and services. Innovation is at the core of Westpay and with the extended product portfolio, the end user experience is brought to an entirely new level.

Once again, thanks to this spring 2020 product launch, Westpay proves their position as the leading enabler of merchant payments in the fintech industry. This time the overall benefits give the merchant total flexibility in what payment methods and fintech applications they want to offer the consumer.

Swipe2Pay and Payment Application as Service (PAaS) are two truly innovative and unique features of the launch. Both features are seamlessly integrated in Westpay’s range of Android payment terminals. Swipe2Pay enables just about any payment method with its unique and intuitive user interface. PAaS, on the other hand, takes advantage of Westpay’s software modularity and enables 3rd party applications to run in the payment terminal.  Basically, it means that merchant can add their own applications based on Android, in the terminal. Only imagination will now set the scope of what the user experience should be like in a payment situation.

– At Westpay, we know it is tricky for the customer to choose the right payment solution. Right now, we see a lot of wannabees in the fintech industry that for an untrained eye can look relevant. There is a big difference in our solution though: it works here and now, ready to launch. I am proud how we, once again, take the lead and tweak our software, based on Android to do things no one has done before, says Tomas Nilsson, CTO at Westpay.


The new solutions have benefits on their own, but they all give freedom to the merchant to create a unique and individual experience. They are a part of a platform that allows the customer to use the built-in power of Android. Depending on the solution, they can, on their own add features and applications that seamlessly provide the information and data to make a payment in a fast and secure way.

– Again, we have set a new standard for payments here at Westpay. With this launch, we move what’s possible when it comes to offering unique solutions powered by the customer. We now have a portfolio that lets the customer add their own flavors so that the payment situation pushes the overall customer experience in the direction of ease and intuition. Finally, the merchants can have an on-demand approach when it comes to adding new payment methods, says Sten Karlsson, CEO at Westpay.

For additional information, please contact:

Sten Karlsson, CEO Westpay AB
Mobile: +46 70-555 6065

Hans Edin, CCO Westpay AB
Mobile: +46 70-688 02 05

Publicerad november 1, 2020

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