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Feature to embrace.

2020 is here with full impact and I like to highlight some features that we, at Westpay, aim for the coming year. 

Partnerships that expand the overall offering, customer experience, and convenience are just a few objectives we, as a solution provider, must consider when establishing a proactive roadmap 2020. Easy? Of course not.

But if we play well, I think that 2020 will treat us well.

Innovation – today and tomorrow

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the new features we see in our business. We can all agree that the coming ten years will be exciting. But we need to remember that our customer has challenges that need to be solved today. In other words, we must address today’s payment requirements but keep the doors open for future innovation, regulations and demands. Tricky, I know. But that´s our job.


Another thing that becomes obvious to me is that the customer should always aim for an independent provider. Look for a provider that has lots of friends and a pragmatic approach. If, or I should say, when a new payment method or regulation sees daylight, you can quickly and safely add that feature to the overall offering, without any conflicts of interest.

As you can imagine, this is something we welcome at Westpay. Now, we need to enable those partnerships in a way that benefit our customers as well as our owners.



It doesn’t matter if you are highly innovative if you can’t act and make your ideas come true. And in a world that craves for the next-gen at an increasing speed, we, as a provider, must find our way to meet those demands. At Westpay, we will constantly trim what we do and how we do it, so that we can speed up the projects without decreasing quality. By having a well defined roadmap, a truly modular technology platform, combined with knowledge about our customers’ needs, we have the tools necessary to keep the pace in our favor.

Attention & Support

We represent a part of our customer’s business that requires 24/7 uptime. Anything else is a potential disaster. Does that mean that we, or our competitors, never fails? I take pride that it is very rare, but of course, it can happen. If that happens, we start all our engines to solve the problem.

The foundation of our partnership with our customers, need to be built on a strong foundation of a great solution, strong security, and trust, knowing that we walk the extra mile when needed. At
Westpay, we will continue to develop our support during 2020. The objective is clear: as a customer of ours, you will have a good night sleep, knowing that we will not let any problem remain unsolved on our watch.


These were a few examples of why Westpay has an excellent line up facing 2020. 2019 is behind us. Lesson learned.

On the good side: we have identified our strategy, tactics, and roadmap. And with a lot of work, we have a good opportunity to make Westpay a relevant and robust competitor in the fintech business. Globally.

Contact me if you need help to find the best payment solution. I will introduce you to some of our leading experts. They will give you the insight required, so you can identify a payment solution that increases your revenue and enables the customer experience. Now that's what I call a win-win.


Publicerad februari 16, 2020

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