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Sushi Yama choses Westpay as provider of payment solutions.

Westpay continues to sign merchants looking for a future proof payment solution. Sushi Yama, known for its good sushi, has, as a result of an in-depth assessment, chosen Westpay as their Payment Solution Provider.

– We have a strong offering and a reliable solution that attracts merchants that want to enable payments as a part of their customers experience. Sushi Yama made an excellent assessment and at the end of the day, Westpay came out as the natural choice. They are in good hands and we will support them 24/7 in their future growth, says Hans Edin, CCO at Westpay.

Sushi Yama today has about fifty restaurants in Sweden, from Gävle in the north to Växjö in the south. Over the next five years, their goal is to grow with another 150 restaurants.

– With Westpay we feel that we are in good hands, both for current and upcoming payment solutions. They are well aware of the demands and the simplified functionality that our guests require and appreciate. Finding the specific details that put us in front of the competition and acquiring the right partners makes up our road to continuous success. We are convinced that Westpay is one of those partners and are happy to have them on board, says Danny Barsoum, Chief Brand Officer at Sushi Yama.

For additional information, please contact:

Sten Karlsson, CEO Westpay AB
+46 70-555 6065 

Hans Edin, CCO Westpay AB
+46 70-688 02 05 

Publisert april 22, 2021

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